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Our Duty Authority and Responsibilities
   The Department of Health, Culture and Sport is a service unit that offers service in accordance with Higher Education Institution, Mediosocial Health, Culture and Sport Affairs Application Regulations published in gazette no. 18301 and date.03.02.1984. It is a health institution for everyone in the university to whom it offers service. It meets students’ social, culture, health and sport needs. At the same time, it is the department of application in this area. Its missions are to keep students’ body and mind healthy, to offer outpatient service for patients and to supply housing, food, studying and resting services. Also, it offers services which supply students free time activities according to their interests, new fields of interest so that both their states of health and their social states get better. Its other missions are to train students as people who care about their mental and body health and to get them adopt habits such as studying coordinately, resting and entertaining. The department gives health service to colloge employees and their immediate families so that it does duty as “department practice” of colloge employees.


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